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Our Showroom

Saferoom & shelter modules – Our sustainable and resource-saving production

Everyone of us, responsibly enjoying life in the 21st century has increasingly realized the importance of recycling items and products to conserve resources. We need to take off the strain on mother nature and our planet. SAROsystems AS concept and goal is to integrate the utilization of used shipping or storage containers into our production of modules for shelters and Saferooms. This way of “resource management” ensures and grants our customers flawless, scratch- and rust-free container modules. All of our 20-footers are being professionally processed and thoroughly checked.  When necessary, any scratches or slight damages are being treated with high-quality primers and paints, that are also being used in the maritime branch.

This treatment ensures a long and rust-free lifespan for the container structure and makes them ideal for their special purpose underground.

When constructing our Saferoom or shelter modules, we rely on the use of recycled containers – see example images.