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SAROsystems AS primary goal is to make life safe for those people having no way of getting to safe and secure public facilities in the event of an emergency. We want to assist and enable citizens in establishing customized saferoom options thus providing adequate protection for them, their loved ones and pets in the event of any conceivable scenario.

With that obligation in mind, our research focused on any option to solve this dilemma in an affordable and timely manner. We instantly realized that lacking capacities of public saferooms are a major issue in most regions. The very few existing saferooms are outdated poorly equipped and not properly maintained.

Since the founding of SAROsystems AS, a team of specialists has formed, actively and intensively contributing its extensive experience in planning, constructing and architectural knowledge to this project. The military background of the company founder and some of our team members benefits this process as well. With the support of “Innovasjon Norge” and our distinguished partners, people in Scandinavia and Western Europe now have the option of establishing their own private saferoom. This affordable investment will guarantee additional personal safety in the event of any “man-made or climatical disaster” at your place of residence.

The outcome of our team’s thorough efforts is a well-equipped, modular 20’ container with NBC-compatible ventilation, 12V DC LED lighting, bunkbeds and a simple dry toilet in a separated area. This set-up should enable you to deal and overcome warlike attacks, natural disasters or any other possible emergency situations. These Saferoom modules can be separately buried as a stand-alone unit in your garden or under your driveway or they can be integrated into the foundation of a new building, garage, or home extension.

SAROsystems AS also considers the topic of sustainability and resource conservation to be an important part of the overall concept. When building our shelter or saferoom modules, we rely on the utilization of recycled and quality-controlled 20’ containers.

Consultation, development, customization and project execution – our experienced team will be happy to assist you with all of these topics enabling you to become the proud owner of your own saferoom.

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