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The topic of world security and safety in general is making us all more thoughtful these days. Global issues such as war and civil unrest are not only permanently discussed but also affect our daily life in a disturbing way. Potential environmental disasters add to
this uncertainty. Lots of people would like to either own a shelter or establish some kind of Saferoom option for themselves and their families. But is that a realistic endeavor and also affordable?

YES – it is

SAROsystems presents

Saferoom SARO20' alternate utilization option

In this short video we would like to show you just one of the multiple possibilities for a daily utilization of your Saferoom. The conversion of the SARO20’ into a Workshop (or vice versa) is completed in under 15 minutes. Other useful alternatives for daily use of your SARO20’ include Storage space, Man-cave, Game room, Vine cellar, Panic-room, etc. More options are only limited by your imagination. The benefit of this secure, temperature-stable and sound-proof addition to your home is undeniable. 

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It's your Safety

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Outdated, neglected and lack of capacity

When following reports in the media, the thought of what you can do to ensure the safety of your family and loved ones becomes a priority. The global political situation is causing great uncertainty, battlefields are getting closer and new climate and environmental scenarios are making people more thoughtful. Last but not least, current surveys show that in many countries it is not so easy to re-establish an adequate standard of civil protection after all the decades of neglect. In the event of disaster or other possible emergencies, the capacities of available shelters for the public would simply not suffice. In addition, the equipment and technology in shelters and places of refuge are often outdated or no longer available due to 30 years of lacking service or maintenance. Fixing those deficiencies is a huge task for the respective governments in the future that will most likely take decades. But what can we do as private individuals in the meantime?

Do not wait on your government or expect your local authorities to assist you in a possible solution. You have to take matters into your own hand when it comes to these specific safety issues. It’s up to you to establish a sheltered area for your family, your loved ones and your pets inside or next to your house or within close proximity of your residence. Create your own Saferoom or sheltered space. We at SAROsystems AS have a suitable and affordable solution for you.

Shelter and bunker for everyone

The global and European markets offer various underground shelters and Saferoom options from numerous providers. The costs for a just under 10 sqm Saferoom solution quickly exceed €10.000 / 120.000 NOKs per sqm and more. For an average income this is way too expensive especially in times as they are right now without risking a high-priced and long-term mortgage.

This is where we as SAROsystems AS come in. Due to all those facts, we feel obligated and encouraged to provide an affordable Saferoom solution and shelter option for tighter budgets. Security and safety have to be available for everybody and not just for the upper class.

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For many months our experienced team of specialists has worked
intensively to develop a Saferoom and shelter system that exceeds
standard requirements. Our intent was to provide an underground place of
refuge for the whole family, including your pets in the event of a disaster,
for a price that everyone can afford without a high-priced mortgage or other
severe financial sacrifices. Just as it was in the old days (until the end of
the eighties), establishing and maintaining sheltered areas or Saferooms
was not only popular but also encouraged by the local authorities and
government. This investment into safety and security would pay off for
generations and insure your whole families and descendants’ well-being.
Our society sadly needs to return to this former way of thinking if we want
to remain safe.

Proven components

SAROsystems AS offers a Saferoom kit suitable for self-assembly

We have developed a 14,40 square meter, container-based kit with our cooperation partners. A LUNOR (NBC suitable) ventilation system that is being used in many areas (military, public shelters, civil defense systems, etc.) supplies filtered, clean air to the people inside the shelter at either 220 Volts or manually, using an emergency hand crank. The basic kit will consist of a Blast door, Escape hatch, LED lighting system with backup battery (12 Volt), 3-6-People bunk bed solution and also a partitioned off dry toilet solution.

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High Quality for your safety

Shelter and bunker Affordable for everyone

SAROsystems AS expects for the targeted sales price to be under €2.200 or 26.000 NOKs per sqm (incl. VAT) for the basic kit (14,40qm) without assembly or installation. When planning a new garage, house extension or else, the 20’ Saferoom Container can easily be integrated into the foundation. It can also be used as a stand-alone underground structure in your garden or anywhere on your property. When used in drive-ways, additional I-Beams should be used on top of the container to ensure the additional stability for heavy vehicles. We recommend for you to encase the whole container in 30cm thick steel-reinforced, water-proof concrete in order to achieve optimal protection.  It is important to establish a free-zone for the escape hatch and ventilation pipes that is cleared and protected of any possible debris.

SAROsystems AS will assist you in finding a proper and fitting Saferoom solution for your family and your living conditions. In addition, your future
Saferoom can have other utilization options. You can use it for storage- or office space. Just keep it maintained and accessible to ensure an all-time
operational status.

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